Why Grizzly Fest?
  • When former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin burst onto the national scene in 2008, she unleashed a tidal wave … People who never dreamed of getting involved in politics suddenly became engaged for the first time. Thousands of us turned out to rallies that fall and hung on every development in the campaign. We couldn’t believe we had found such a fearless champion for our values.

    After the election, millions of conservatives continued to draw inspiration from the once little known governor: Palin-themed blogs and radio shows sprouted up all over the net. Thousands camped overnight for Going Rogue book signings in 2009 and to attend screenings of The Undefeated this summer. There are now by some counts more than 40 blogs devoted exclusively to news about Governor Palin, as well as four exclusive Palin-inspired blog radio programs.

    In her Oct. 5th announcement, Governor Palin urged supporters to continue to fight to restore America’s “greatness, goodness, and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.”

    That is why on Oct. 29th we will gather the Palin “tribes” for Grizzly Fest, a historic online summit to move ahead with a positive agenda of reform. We’re not going away!

    We will hear from some of the heroes of the Palin grassroots movement including Stephen K. Bannon, Tammy Bruce, Jedediah Bila, Peter Singleton (Organize4Palin), Jackie Siciliano (Team Sarah), and representatives from Conservatives4Palin, Organize4Palin, Smart Girl Politics and Texans4Palin.

    We will renew, reload and re-organize.

    After the historic elections of 2010, the conservative movement is on the ascendancy.

    Now more than ever we have an opportunity to unite alongside Governor Palin to actively and “aggressively” support true public servants who will stop runaway government debt and job-killing regulations. We have the unique opportunity to promote free markets and energy independence. We have the opportunity as a large grassroots movement to continue to hold our elected leaders accountable, and to dismantle the government crony system that stymies our entrepreneurial spirit and siphons away untold billions from our public treasury.

    We must fight for leaner government at all levels. We must defeat the permanent political class.

    Governor Palin gave us the VISION of what we wanted in a leader.

    Now it’s still up to us as constitutional conservatives to make that vision a reality across the country, to advance her vision of reform, ethics, and fiscal responsibility, and to support leaders with the restoration agenda.

    The battle awaits us. And we remain UNDEFEATED.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/rolfarrar Roland Farrar

    It sure would be GREAT if she would accept a draft!  The Greatest thing to happen to America since baseball, apple pie and Che—- er- MOPAR’s!

    • http://twitter.com/speppers69 speppers69

      I still drive my pre-bailout Chevy!  ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Ford. No bailout money thank you

  • Anonymous

    Indeed, she gave us the VISION of what we want and America needs in a Leader.  My question and concern is the following:  Our conservatives candidates are being attach on a daily basis with the exception of Gov Mitt Romney, and of course for obvious reasons. 

    Romney is the Liberal of the group, and that is why the MSM will not touch him, and th GOP ESTABLISHMENT is prasing him laud and clear.  That said, what can Gov Palin or us do to avoid that a Moderate Liberal like Romney wins the nomination.   What ever our STRATEFY will be, we need to act quickly because time is running & is running fast.

  • Tsigmon

    We all must admit, that without Sarah Palin, Barack Obama would have served for 16 years…not just 4.  Thank God…literally.