The Winter Fest Line-Up – Sudden and Relentless Reform
  • Winter Fest Online Summit Agenda

    When: Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 1:00pm ET
    Where: Right here on, plus, the following host sites:,, and

    Part 1: The Watchdogs

    Sarah Nuckles, transportation commissioner who blew whistle on $344 million vote-buying scam in So. Carolina
    Adam Andrzejewski, founder of For The Good Of Illinois, a watchdog group putting government checkbooks online.

    Part 2: Crony Capitalism 101

    Peter Schweizer, Stanford fellow, author of Throw Them All Out
    Luigi Zingales, Univ. of Chicago professor and co-author Saving Capitalism From the Capitalists

    Part 3: Sudden and Relentless Reform

    Rebecca Kleefisch, Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin, facing recall election for challenging public sector unions
    Scott Beason, Alabama state senator, challenging 10-term incumbent Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus

    Plus: On-the-Ground Update from American Grizzlies United & Thomas Schmitz

    Join your friends in the Palin Movement to hunt for real reformers!

    Learn more about our Grizzly Fest Guests here.

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